I teach in both formal and informal settings about a range of environmental topics, from sciences, to art, to literature. Below you can find details on my teaching aims in different settings:


I am pursuing the Interdisciplinary Certificate in University Teaching at the University of Georgia, which prepares me for teaching at the college level. Through this program, I have gained experience in teaching, grading, course design, and educational research.


Introduction to Natural Resources Conservation (FANR 1100)
Environmental Literature (ENGL 4835)

Course Design

Park Management
Environmental Literature

Education Research

I am currently studying how systems-thinking skills can be a part of the literature curriculum with the dual goal of introducing students to sustainability topics through literature and new perspectives toward literary analysis.

This research is taking place in an Environmental Literature course, where students are learning the foundations of systems-thinking and then reading diverse forms of literature focused on trees to examine the complex social-ecological systems that surround them. We have a heavy emphasis on texts as systems, creative non-fiction, and concept mapping to examine how social-ecological systems are represented in text and understood by students.

Informal Settings

Education and outreach are key parts of sustainability. I enjoy working with groups of all ages on different aspects of sustainability outside of the traditional classroom (and in streams, mountains, forests, and in the art studio).

Georgia Naturalists’ Rally
Digital Media Academy
Atlanta Urban Ecologists Program
Zoo Atlanta
US Salamander Biology, Conservation, and Management Training Course

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